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Did Jeremiah Graham create the world of Ker?

I have been asked this question countless times in relation to my work on “Visage of Scars.” The World of Ker was “discovered” by Jeremiah Graham, more information is unearthed daily and he will provide as much of it to his readers as humanly possible. Ker was never known of by any other author, or any man for that matter, until Jeremiah discovered it in early 2008.

When will “Visage of Scars” be completed?

Compiling a novel is strenuous work, there is currently no realistic timetable for the completion of the novel and/or film. However, this is the website where all information pertaining to release dates will first be announced. Jeremiah expects the first draft of “Scars” to be complete before the end of Summer 2008, with a possible publishing date sometime early 2009.

What are the plans for creating a film version of “Visage of Scars”?

Parallel to the compiling of the novel Jeremiah Graham is also compiling a script of “Visage of Scars.” When the novel is completed he will focus all of his creative drive on this script and begin to shop it around to studios. Currently the author is working with an artist, Miles Millen, doing early design work for the film.

Can I receive a copy of “Visage of Scars” before publication?

The author plans on giving a pre-pub copy of the completed novel to several of his readers so that they can provide feedback before he completed a final compilation. If you desire to be one of these readers feel free to contact him.

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