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About the Author

Jeremiah Graham is a college student in San Diego, CA. He was born the second of six children and loves his parents immensely. He was raised to, above all other things, give himself completely to seek and worship our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. The greatest realization that he ever came to is that there is no greater purpose, no greater calling and no greater joy than to dedicate a life to the showing forth of the glory of Jesus Christ on the Earth. He has also realized that this is on the only real purpose for which to live, every other purpose that any man dedicates his life to at its best will last only as long as mankind dwells upon the Earth; when God comes and creates a new heaven and a new earth everything will pass away. Jeremiah is a dedicated filmmaker, screenwriter, philosopher and novelist.

If you e-mail him at he will be happy to answer any questions you have or just to chat on any subject. Be blessed and walk with God.

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