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of Truth and Pain

June 2, 2008

It is in the breeding ground of untruth that pain is birthed and nurtured. While actions are planned in the presence of any shade of falsehood, a perfect soil is created for heartache and anguish. Internalizing deception, dwelling on trickery, contemplating prevarication, any shade of untruth is coalesced with torment. The only way a strain is ever placed within a spirit is through untruth, even if that untruth stems from an outside source, it is melded together with pain to the extent that a clear delineation between the two is impossible. 

Why then do people dwell on falsehood? Simply because in the miscellany of possible decisions it is those wrought with deceit that promise relief from pain. Truth is so simple that it remains silent, shouting volumes in its dormancy. The simplicity of truth is completely separate from the pain and anguish fused together with deceit. Truth is only difficult when untruth has already taken hold, but even then the lie is lying about the pain of truth. 

Embracing truth shuts out the cacophony of sorrow that lies in wait to prey upon the hearts of man. But it is only in complete truth that pain can be avoided, ninety-nine percent truth will bring with it pain. For the smallest degree of falsehood is a host to misery, but the simple purity of truth is a ward against heartache.

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